Eid, Pray, Hat.

Eid is around the corner, and there’s no time like now to understand just why the festivities taylor the needs of young, preppy, snot-nosed, cunt teenagers.  While shopping could very well be the number one hobby for women in Saudi Arabia (Not from the lack of originality, rather from the lack of freedom to do anything), men are also involved in the shopping sprees to come this festive season. Along with the Eid prayer, good food, money in the hands of children, fireworks and family get togethers, dressing up is a tradition during Eid. No matter how much clothes may be laying in your closet, you haven’t fulfilled your religious and consumerist duty unless you go out and shop shop shop for new clothes, shoes, hats, socks and the occasional pearl necklace. I hypothesize the reason people need new clothes on Eid is because of the sedentary lifestyle and immense amounts of food they scarfed during the month before. While going around the outlet mall I realized that people use shopping carts to fulfill their shopping needs. Yes, shopping carts. School’s out, Eid is coming and the shops are open, which really means one thing and one thing only; on the force expenditure side of those carts are teenagers. Don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing against teenagers, not more than your average 20-something year old at least, however, I do have something against wool hats in the 40 degree heat. I understand completely how a rastafarian hat symbolizes oneness with mother earth and nature, especially while it’s inside a hummer, but what is beyond me is how they handle it in that heat, and I really do wonder; is it part of his Eid costume this year? 


Tl;dr: Eid is still a hallmark holiday, and Saudi teenagers are just the same as any other teenagers… With wool hats.


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