Ramadan & Eid: Sponsored by McDonald’s

 This is the second Ramadan I spend in Saudi Arabia. My first stay wasn’t all that eye opening, I spent it going to family member’s houses and eating there. This time around however, I’m spending it with my own family, and I got to see exactly how Ramadan is in the country where it originated; Saudi Arabia. June was ending and Ramadan was about to start, it was all over the place. I couldn’t turn the T.V on without being bombarded by commercials on all the Ramadan deals coming my way. The first day of Ramadan was the farthest thing from a proper religious experience. People rushed to supermarkets to fill their houses with copious amounts of food. The average Saudi citizen’s day changed from waking up in the morning to waking up in the late afternoon a few minutes before feeding time, and if they aren’t asleep they’re wreaking havoc on the streets with reckless driving and starvation induced anger. Ramadan, sadly, has turned from a month where we learn how to cope with a lack of food into a reason to postpone our own gluttony and indulge it with each other; all while feeling superior to non-muslims. It seems like Ramadan is a 30-day long Thanksgiving including the commercials, gluttony and greed. 


Tl;dr: Ramadan is just another Hallmark holiday.


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